Downtown Seattle - 5th avenue

Seattle – My second home

My second post will be about the place that I learned to call my second home. In 2016, I met the love of my life. It was very fast and intense (haha). Before I knew it, I was quitting my job in Brasilia, Brazil, and moving to another country.

Downtown Seattle - 5th avenue

All I associated with Seattle before moving there was: Grunge, Starbucks and the fact that it was really close to Vancouver, Canada (just a 3-hour drive). Then I thought: what’s not to like about that? Let’s go! Let’s listen to a lot of Nirvana, drink a lot of Starbucks and visit Canada for a few days- why not?!

Arriving there, I found out that Seattle is the fastest growing city in the US. The whole city has changed so much over the past years, mainly because of the tech companies that are expanding or moving into the city. Amazon’s headquarters is there, for example, and it is huuuuge! It takes up one entire neighborhood (South Lake Union) and more. Microsoft, Boeing and Starbuck salso call Seattle home. And many others are moving in and growing there, such as Google, Facebook and others. Space Needle - Seattle, WA

One fun fact for those who are not from the States: the city of Seattle is in Washington State, which is not at all related to Washington DC, the capital of the US on the east coast).

Fun fact #2: Seattle is not the capital of the Washington State. Olympia is!

Fun fact #3: The design of the city’s famous skyline tower, the Space Needle, inspired the Jetsons’ house in the cartoon.

Well, back to my life there, at first I lived in Ballard. It is a neighborhood, 15 min north of downtown and it has Scandinavian roots. Ballard has a really interesting vibe and it is really cool to hang out in, especially around old Ballard. On Sundays, they have a street market that I highly recommend anyone visiting Seattle to check out.

But, to be honest, to live in Ballard you need a car. With that in mind, if I could do it over, I would not choose to live in Ballard. If you don’t have a car, Capitol Hill is your place. This neighborhood is right next to Downtown and you can do the majority of the city’s highlights within walking distance. Also, being so close to downtown, the public transportation is way more accessible. The area has a bohemian vibe and it has lots of cool bars and restaurants.

So… I don’t want to take too long on this post. Soon I will post more tips about the top places in Seattle to visit, eat, and more. But, fast forwarding through my story a bit, my wife and I are now back in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and every year, she gets homesick around Christmas. Because of that, last year we went back to Seattle for a month between November and December and I made this video to show a little bit of what Seattle is all about. I hope you like it:

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